About Grace and Rosemary


     This blog is meant to track our progress to lose the dreadful 15 to hopefully inspire others as well as ourselves. There are currently two editors on this blog, Grace and Rosemary. We have been best friends since 4th grade and having gone through two years of college has really changed our eating and our bodies.We will update this blog on our progress on workouts, eating, and just altogether healthy living. Thanks so much for reading:)

Grace: Hi everyone! I am a junior attending university in southern California. I am a biochem major and pre-med hopeful:) I wanted to start this blog to really keep me on track of my healthy living to give me more commitment. I hope you can find some tips or motivation to help you as well.

Rosemary: Hey everyone! I am a junior attending a university in Denver, Colorado. I am on track to become a biochemical engineer. I wanted to start this blog to also keep me on track and to hopefully help inspire others as well.