Core Crunched and Endurance Raised

Hey everyone! This is the workout I actually did this morning. Also, this is a beginning workout for people like me who have not worked out in a while and are getting back into the swing of things.

Squats – 20 reps

Jumping Jacks – 20 reps

Side to Side Shuffle – 45 seconds

Side Lunges – 30 seconds

I repeated this top part three times as a sort of warmup.

Plank – 30 seconds

Side to Side Shuffle – 1 minute

Quick Feet – 30 seconds

Plank Walk (In plank position, moving from hands to forearms slowly then back to hands and repeat) – 30 seconds

Crunches – 30 reps

Sit-Ups – 30 reps

Side Crunches (lay on side with legs stacked on top of each other at a 90 degree angle, same for other side) – 30 reps each side

The bottom part I repeated twice.

This workout should definitely work your legs and abs. It is not super cardio oriented, but it is a nice lighter workout to help build up some endurance for more intensive workouts later on. I will probably stay with lighter workouts for the remainder of this week and kick it up a notch next week.

Thanks for reading!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. fitnessgrad says:

    Good workout post! keep up the good work!:D



  2. graceturner says:

    You are gonna rock it girl. I recognize the “plank of death” or most commonly referred to as the walking plank. I loathe it but love it at the same time!


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