Arms and Abb Blaster Workout

This is the workout I plan to do tomorrow. Let me know what you guys think!

*So I like to go through one set of each exercise and make it into rounds like a circuit! Try to incorporate 30 sec- 1 min of cardio activities like mountain climbers, jump squats, and burpees after each round!


Bicep curls: 10×3 10 lb weights

Tricep kickbacks: 10×3 10 lb weight (each arm!)

Back row: 8x 3 15 lb

Chest flies: 10×3 10 lb

Lateral Shoulder raises: 8×3 5 lb


Plank jacks 45 sec, then rest 15, plank rainbows 30 sec. x3

plank on fit ball for as long as possible (feet on ball)

Ball passes 5×3

Bicycles with the fit ball 20×3

Medicine ball crunch up! 15×3

Phew! My gym doesn’t have air conditioning in this cali heat wave, so I will not be running for this workout. But I will be incorporating some heart elevators throughout the workout like : mountain climbers, half burps, jumping jacks, jump squats. Between each set try and do a minute of one to keep your heart rate and fat burning high!



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