The 14 Day Challenge. Are you up for it? (general info)

Hi everyone! So to kick start this blog I will be starting a 14 day challenge and I encourage you all to follow me and keep me posted on your progress:)

The Start Date: Sunday July 17. Obviously you can start whenever you have the chance.

The purpose? The purpose of this challenge is to help jump start my fitness journey by having a short term goal (15 days). I will be working out hard and watching my diet. Unlike previous health eating kicks I have been on, I will plan out my meals, even snacks.

Here is the general eating timeline:

Breakfast 8:00- 9:00 am

Snack 10:30 am

Lunch 12:30- 1:00 pm

Snack 4:30

Dinner 7:00pm

This time frame works with my schedule right now, but if your work schedule is a little different, just switch up the times so you are eating every 3 hours.

The eating focus is on whole foods and lean meats. NO processed snacks or really food for that matter:)

I’ll update you on a shopping list next post! with recipes and then just general food ideas


So for the workout portion, I’ll be incorporating more cardio in, such as running since thats what I want to improve on. I encourage you to find something physically to improve on these next two weeks like upper body strength or amount of squats you can do in a minute. Just something finite at the end that you will have seen actual results.

What outcome can you expect?

With proper commitment, expect to lose 2-4 pounds I would say, especially if this challenge is way different than you eat normally.


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