14 Day Challenge Workout Day #1

Work out day #1

The challenge is starting for me Sunday and my gym is not open on Sundays, so I will be posting a home workout you can do! I am going to a park with bleachers and benches!
  • Jog for 1.5-1.0 miles
  • Run up bleachers, walk down. 6 times or for 10 minutes!
    • By now you’ll probably be very much done, but take a breather and keep going!
  • Step ups on bench 10×3 on each leg
  • incline push ups 10×3
  • Bulgarian split lunges 8×3 each leg
  • resistant band side squats 30 sec each direction 3 times
  • Plank 1 minx3 also try decline planks!

Today I want to focus on getting conditioned and toning my legs.


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