Food Diary #2 (Grace)

Okay Day 2. My eating was alright today. I did snack on wheat thins, but for some reason I got really bloated in the late afternoon.

Meal/Snack Time Nutritional Info
Oatmeal w/water  with granola topped

And watermelon

12:00 pm 300 calories
protein shake w/water & ice 3:00 pm 150 calories
 3 handfuls of wheat thins  5:00 pm  na
 2 naan homemade pizzas  6:00 pm  na

Reflection: As mentioned earlier, I got bloated in the late afternoon probably because of the wheat thins. I also noticed I have not been drinking much water lately, so I drank a lot towards the end of the night. Drinking more water tomorrow night is something to keep in mind. Talk to you tomorrow! 🙂

Oh and my workout today consisted of my lower body workout post and I added some abs and upper back.



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