Summer Beauty Faves for a Golden Tan (Grace)

Hi all! I thought today I would share my summer favorites to help me achieve a healthy glow.


  • My two favorite lotions for the summer time is the Trader Joe’s midsummers night cream and the Lush sympathy for the skin. This cream is great for an after sun cream as well because of the Aloe. I have noticed that if I got a pink burn, using this lotion has greatly helped my skins ability to re-heal. It is also a quick absorbing, which makes it perfect for the summer heat. I believe I bought this cream for around 5 or so dollars.
    • trader-joes-a-midsummer-nights-cream-moisturizing-cream-extra-dry-formula
  • Lush “Sympathy for the Skin.” This lotion is made out of fresh bananas and smells like vanilla ice cream. My skin always feels so silky soft after using it. I use this lotion before bed or whenever I am feeling extra dry. The price is very high, so it is definitely a product I do not use all the time, but only when necessary. I got this product from Lush for around $27.
    • 00029
  • Usually I will apply a self tanner, but these past few weeks I have not had the time. So instead I have been using the St. Tropez gradual bronzing lotion. This gives a very nice glow and I think it helps my skin actually tan in the sun. The only thing about this gradual tanner is that it NEEDs to be rubbed in fully and always check when applying for splotchiness. This was around $30.
    • st-large-product-icons-740x1057px_0022_grad-tinted-200ml.1452101959
  • Before I apply the gradual tanner or shave, I like to exfoliate. You can just make your own scrub by mixing together sugar and honey. If you don’t want the mess or hassle however, just get the St. Ives apricot scrub. It’s a great smell and really works especially with exfoliating gloves.
    • 6fc3e9590d9e76cb916303ba93008555.500
  • Finally, to actually achieve a real tan, I like to use the Maui Babe Browning Lotion when I lay in the sun. Just make sure to put sunscreen underneath and reapply regularly to prevent burning. This was around $9.
    • 2139466

Thanks for reading! 




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