My Favorite Pre-Workout Drink (Grace)

If you know me personally, it’s no secret that I love tea. Especially learning about all the great benefits tea gives. During the summer, I work out in the mornings and when I wake up I am not hungry. Tea is the perfect thing that perks me up and gets me ready for the day and workout. Here is a list of my favorite general tea flavors and the benefits 🙂

  • Green Tea! This tea is widely known, but it has a grassy herbal flavor. The health benefits include powerful antioxidants which lower the risks of cancers and neurological effects. My mom drinks a cup of green tea every morning before her run. She has Parkinson’s disease and since that she has had hardly any symptoms as her Parkinson’s develops. The metabolic benefits are also widely known. One small study showed a 17% increase of fat burning mechanisms in males who drank green tea prior to a moderate cardio workout. Plus it gives a nice pick me up to the morning.
    • My favorite brand of green tea is from Costco! Plus it’s cost efficient, so perfect for daily use. 3da05a26aeea99451e95a1bb4c552bcd.1500
  • Lemon Zinger Tea. So you can either just get a lemon tea or just warm up some hot water and put fresh lemon in it. Perfect to start up your digestive system and give a caffeine free pick me up. Vitamin C is a major benefit of anything lemon, but lemon tea is also found to be useful in controlling blood sugar levels and great antioxidants.
    • This tea is from Celestial Tea which is my favorite brand of tea because of the cost and the wide range of flavors.


  • Jasmine Tea. This is not a caffeine free tea like the lemon zinger. This gives a little bit of caffeine to perk you up since it is just normal tea (green, white, oolong) that is flavored with jasmine blossoms. Jasmine tea has the same basic benefits as the lemon and green tea but also has a soothing effect and is stress relieving.
    • I do not have a fave brand for jasmine, but honestly my favorites are always found at chinese and japanese restaurants. fujian jasmine tea spilled

I really hoped you enjoyed this post! If you would like me to share my fave night time teas, let me know. Drink up 🙂



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