Food Diary #1

Hi everyone! Today is the first day we are logging our meals. This is mostly for ourselves to start just to really find out how much we are truly eating throughout the day. Rosemary and I woke up late and then went out to eat since it was our last day together. This sort of eating will not be happening often.

Meal/Snack Time Nutritional Info
Pad Thai Small from Noodles and Company 12:00 pm 500 calories
Cheesy garlic bread (3 pieces) 12:00 pm 330 calories
Apple n’ Greens smoothie Jamba Juice 3:00 pm 230 calories

Reflection: After the day of eating mostly takeout food, I do not feel as proud of myself. Granted I was planning on eating out today, but I know I need to be more mindful of everything I am putting into my body. Hopefully tomorrow I can start off with a strong breakfast and the day will follow suit. Talk to you tomorrow! 🙂



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