Food Diary #1 (Rosemary)

Hey everyone! As Grace stated in her food diary, we did get up late today. Also since this was our last day together for a few more weeks we did eat out more than usual.

Meal/Snack Time Nutritional Info
Caesar Salad, Regular, from Noodles and Company 12:00 pm 550 calories
Cheesy garlic bread (3 pieces) 12:00 pm 330 calories
Caribbean Passion Smoothie from Jamba Juice 3:00 pm 350 calories
 Half of Mongolian Beef Frozen dinner from P.F. Changs 8:00 pm  360 calories
 1 ounce of Blue Diamond unsalted almonds  10:00 pm  160 calories

ReflectionToday involved more eating out than typical, but I did try to keep it a bit healthier with getting a Caesar salad. My calorie count for the day was 1,750 calories. My goal is to remain around 2,000 calories. With such a late start to the day, it is easier to see why my calories were lower and I met my goal today.

That’s all for now!




One Comment Add yours

  1. Hey Rosemary! the handful of almonds is good idea for a late night snack. Ill have to get some! -Grace


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