What A Healthy Lifestyle Means to Me. (Rosemary)

Hey everyone! As my first blog post I wanted to take about what being healthy has come to mean to me.

I was always down on myself in high school about how I looked in comparison to actresses and models. Especially in summer time when everyone is trying to get that beach body. What really changed my perspective was starting college and working since it just takes up so much of your time. I used to work out like crazy, but it has been hard to find time when life gets so crazy. I currently work 20-25 hours a week with being a full-time student, so it is still hard to work out as much as I used to. However, I have recently realized I am not happy where I am and that I wanted to change that. I will be updating you on workouts both for home and gym purposes and my food journals on a mission to keep eating healthy.

The absolute most important thing I have to say about being healthy and working out is the best motivation is to do it so that you are happy with yourself and how you look. Thank you so much for viewing our blog and please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions!



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